Australia and Asia: Regulatory Perspectives on continuity and change

A conference on Australia and Asia, Regulatory Perspectives, hosted by Monash Business School, Governance and Regulation Research Network (GARNET) and the Asia-Pacific Regulation Research Group, will be held on Wednesday 17thNovember 2021 Contributing to Veronica Taylor’s 1997 edited volume Asian Laws Through Australian Eyes (Sydney, LBC Information Services), Malcolm Smith presented Australians as largely ignorantContinue reading “Australia and Asia: Regulatory Perspectives on continuity and change”

Global Citizenship and the importance of multilingual skills

The 2021 Japanese Studies Association of Australia Conference includes a roundtable on “Advocating Language: Global Citizenship and the importance of multilingual skills”. The panel includes A/Professor Beatrice Trefalt, JSAA President, Monash; Ambassador of Japan, Yamagami Shingo; Professor Michael Wesley, Deputy Vice Chancellor International, University of Melbourne; Professor Keijiro Suga, Meiji University, Japan; Professor Melissa Crouch,Continue reading “Global Citizenship and the importance of multilingual skills”

Conference on Sociolegal Studies in Indonesia

In November, the Faculty of Law of Brawijaya University is hosting the third Indonesian Sociolegal Conference. On 8 November, there will be a socio-legal methods workshop for early career scholars. On 10-11 November, there will be a conference on ‘Resilience In The Time Of Crisis: Justice, Access And Participation’. This conference is organised by leadingContinue reading “Conference on Sociolegal Studies in Indonesia”

Open letter to Association of Asian Constitutional Courts on Myanmar

[signatories will be collated until 18 June and then sent to the AACC; to sign click here] This letter is on behalf of concerned scholars of comparative constitutional law and politics, listed below. We call on the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions (AACC) to suspend the Constitutional Tribunal of the Union ofContinue reading “Open letter to Association of Asian Constitutional Courts on Myanmar”

Book launch: Comparative Constitutional Law and the Global South

On 18 June 2021, the G&T Centre for Public Law will host a book launch of two edited volumes on constitutionalism in the Global South: Philipp Dann, Michael Riegner and Maxim Bönnemann (eds), The Global South and Comparative Constitutional Law (Oxford UP, 2020); and Philipp Dann and Arun K. Thiruvengadam (eds), Democratic Constitutionalism in India and the EuropeanContinue reading “Book launch: Comparative Constitutional Law and the Global South”

Law, Justice and Policing under Myanmar’s Military Coup

Webinar, Tuesday, 22 June, 2021, 9:30 – 11.00 (CEST), hosted by Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) and Oxford University – register here In the resistance to the military coup in Myanmar, protesters have frequently hoisted placards reading ‘we want justice’ and ‘justice for Myanmar’. Demands for justice sit alongside calls for democracy and anContinue reading “Law, Justice and Policing under Myanmar’s Military Coup”

Chinese Law and Development

At this year’s Law & Society Association conference, there will be two roundtables on Chinese Law and Development. China has emerged as the champion of economic globalization through the export of its goods and services. Yet there is little empirical basis through which to evaluate the effects of Chinese globalization or with which to theorizeContinue reading “Chinese Law and Development”

Politics in Action 2021: Updates from Southeast Asia

The annual Politics in Action forum by Sydney’s Southeast Asia Centre brings political updates from Southeast Asia to researchers and practitioners from across the disciplines and beyond. Drawing upon expertise from around the world, these presentations will provide up-to-date information on developments in Southeast Asia relevant to scholars, students, practitioners and the general public. InContinue reading “Politics in Action 2021: Updates from Southeast Asia”

Postgraduate Session: Welcome to the ASAA

Are you a postgraduate student in Australia conducting research on Asia? The Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) can help you in building your career and profile as a researcher, whether you’re an Honours, Masters or PhD student. With a membership of between 280-500, the ASAA is one of the largest organisations around the world and theContinue reading “Postgraduate Session: Welcome to the ASAA”