Road to constitutional amendment in Myanmar going nowhere

Since Myanmar’s Joint Parliamentary Constitution Review Committee submitted its report to the Union Parliament on 31 January 2014, the constitutional amendment saga has taken another twist. The Committee was given the task of reviewing the 2008 Constitution, which had been drafted by the previous military junta. It was required to make recommendations to the parliament,Continue reading “Road to constitutional amendment in Myanmar going nowhere”

Transition and the Rule of Law in Myanmar

This semester, I am offering an elective course on ‘Transition and the Rule of Law in Myanmar‘, at the Law Faculty, NUS. Here is a brief outline of the course. This subject will provide an introduction to the legal system of Myanmar/Burma in the context of the dynamic transition since 2011 from military rule to a quasi-civilian government. ItContinue reading “Transition and the Rule of Law in Myanmar”

Law, Society and Transition in Myanmar

Edited by Melissa Crouch and Tim Lindsey, 2014 Hart Publishing This is the first edited volume to address the dynamics of the legal system of Myanmar/Burma in the context of the transition to democracy. It includes contributions from leading scholars in the field on a range of key legal issues now facing Myanmar, such asContinue reading “Law, Society and Transition in Myanmar”

Institute for Global Law and Policy Workshop

The next workshop of the Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP) of Harvard Law School will be held from 3-13 January 2014 in Doha, Qatar, hosted by Hamad bin Khalifa University. The workshop includes a stream on Islamic Law and Policy, among a wide range of other topics. For more details on the IGLPContinue reading “Institute for Global Law and Policy Workshop”

Australian Journal of Asian Law Edition 14(2)

Edition 14(2) of the Australian Journal of Asian Law is now available on SSRNIt includes the following articles: The Internal Logic Behind the Evolution of Company Law in China – Do Legal Origins Matter?Andrew Godwin Excusing Notice Under Singapore’s Statutory Derivative ActionAlan K. Koh The Fiduciary Doctrine as a New Pathway: An Alternative Approach to AnalysingContinue reading “Australian Journal of Asian Law Edition 14(2)”

Indonesia on use of the word ‘Allah’

In the latest development in the Malaysian court case on the use of the word ‘Allah’, the Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the lower court and decided that non-Muslims could not use the word ‘Allah’. From a comparative perspective, Indonesia provides a different example on this issue. As I discuss in chapter 6 of myContinue reading “Indonesia on use of the word ‘Allah’”

New Reports on Myanmar Law

There have been a number of new reports on Myanmar’s legal and political system.A report on the legal profession was recently released by the International Commission of Jurists. The substantive aspect of the report can be seen as building on the broader assessment of the legal system by the International Bar Association in 2012There has been a new report assessingContinue reading “New Reports on Myanmar Law”