About this forum

In this forum I focus on legal and political issues in Asia. My approach is influenced by an understanding of law as embedded within its social, political and historical context. I also use this forum to highlight upcoming events, seminars, workshops, recent legal developments, and new publications in the area of Asian Legal Studies.

I am Professor at the Faculty of Law & Justice, the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney. From 2019-2021, I was Associate Dean Research. My research is in the areas of comparative constitutional law, law and society, and law and religion, with a focus on Asia.

I am the sole Chief Investigator on an ARC Discovery Grant on “Constitutional Change in Authoritarian Regimes” (2018-2021). This study builds on two of my previous major research projects: my doctoral research on courts and religion in Indonesia, and my postdoctoral research on religion and the courts in Myanmar, and on constitutions and the courts in Southeast Asia.

At UNSW, I lead the Asia Law & Policy Forum. I co-direct the project on Constitutionalism in the Global South with Theunis Roux. 

I am the Vice-President of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) (2021-2022), the peak academic body for Asian Studies in Australia. You can find more about my expertise on Indonesian Law here.

I contribute to initiatives on constitutional reform and legal education in Asia. I have worked with numerous international and local organisations in the region.

I teach in the areas of comparative constitutional law, law and society, Indonesian law, law and religion, and Asian legal systems.

My CV is available here