Below are a selection of webinars, podcasts and interviews

(2023) Ear to Asia (University of Melbourne) ‘How Australia’s future depends on better understanding Asia‘ (with Prof Edward Aspinall)

(2021) Ear to Asia (University of Melbourne) ‘How seriously does Australia take the learning of Asian Languages?’

(2021) Myanmar law, justice and policing, webinar by Danish Institute for International Studies and Oxford University

(2021) Sydney Southeast Asia Centre’s Politics in Action Myanmar Update

(2021) ANU’s Myanmar Musings podcast on the 2008 Constitution

(2021) Oxford Political Review podcast on Myanmar’s coup

(2021) Central European University Democracy Institute’s Review of Democracy (RevDem) podcast series on the Global South – focus on Myanmar after the coup

(2021) Myanmar’s Military and China’s Influence, Regional Centre for Social Science and Sustainable Development (Chiang Mai University, Thailand) and Oxford University

(2021) Constitutional breakdowns: coups, crisis and disruptions, LawASIA, Law Council of Australia and the Commonwealth Lawyers Association (webinar)

(2021) Military coup in Myanmar: what just happened? (webinar) ANU

(2021) Jindal School of International Affairs (India), Centre for Southeast Asian Studies, on the coup in Myanmar

(2021) The Lowy Institute Conversations podcast, The Coup in Myanmar

(2021) Cape Talk radio podcast, South Africa, on Myanmar’s coup and the international response

(2021) The Asia Society podcast, Explainer on Myanmar’s coup

(2021) The Asia Society podcast, After the Coup: whats next for Myanmar?

(2021) Podcast with the International Association of Constitutional Law, ‘Languages and Comparative Constitutional Method

(2020) Podcast with the Institute of Migrant Rights on Myanmar’s Constitution in Context (Cianjur, Indonesia)

(2020) Podcast with the ASEAN Society for the UNSW ASEAN Conference 2020

(2020) Podcast with the New Books Network on The Constitution of Myanmar

(2020) Webinar on ‘Covid-19 and Constitutionalism in Asia’, National University of Singapore

(2020) Webinar on ‘Public Law Responses to Covid-19: Lessons from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, Gilbert + Tobin Centre for Public Law

(2020) Webinar on ‘Why Special Autonomy in West Papua has failed’, Diplomacy Training Program

(2019) ‘Indonesian Language in Australian Schools‘, Australia Indonesia Institute 

(2019) Australia Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) Career Champion 

(2019) Short clip on Indonesia’s 2019 Elections, UNSW

(2018) Politics in Southeast Asia: A Review, at Sydney’s Southeast Asia conference on Politics in Action

(2017) Podcast on ‘Muslims, NGOs, and the future of democratic space in Myanmar’, The Religious Studies Project

(2016) Myanmar Update, Update on Politics in Southeast Asia, Sydney Southeast Asia Centre