Transition and the Rule of Law in Myanmar

This semester, I am offering an elective course on ‘Transition and the Rule of Law in Myanmar‘, at the Law Faculty, NUS.

Here is a brief outline of the course. This subject will provide an introduction to the legal system of Myanmar/Burma in the context of the dynamic transition since 2011 from military rule to a quasi-civilian government. It will consider the legal framework and legal institutions in Myanmar in light of the literature on legal transplants and rule of law reform in transitional and developing states. The focus will be on understanding the Myanmar legal system in its social, political and historical context. The subject will include discussions on the constitution; the role of the legislature; the courts; human rights; business and economic reforms; and institutional reform. 

For students considering taking the course, the mode of assessment for this course is 80% research essay, 10% class presentation and 10% class participation. If you are a student at NUS and are having trouble accessing the IVLE, please contact me.