UNSW Law – Myanmar events

UNSW is contributing to a number of events happening in Myanmar in July together with partners in Myanmar. On 9-10th July, Professor Brendan Edgeworth and myself will teach at the Law Department at Mandalay University, as part of the MOU between UNSW Law and Mandalay University. My talk with focus on academic research skills and method in the context of comparative constitutional law.

On 13-14th July 2015, the Australia Myanmar ConstitutionalDemocracy Project will host a constitutional law workshop in Mandalay. This is a follow-on from events held in 2013 and 2014, but will be the first time it is run in Mandalay. The event is being funded by the Community of Democracies network. This event is organised by Professor Martin Krygier and Professor Theunis Roux.

Then on 16th July 2015, Professor Theunis Roux, Ms Janelle Saffin and myself will run a comparative constitutional law workshop for the Constitutional Tribunal in Naypyidaw. 

Also, later in the year, I will be organising a workshop on The Business of Transition in Myanmar, to be held at UNSW Law.

Visit to Sittwe University Law Department, June 2015