Addressing the Problem of Statelessness in Asia-Pacific

Dr Melissa Crouch of UNSW Law is currently participating in a Workshop on Researching Statelessness and Citizenship in Asia and the Pacific from 27-29 January 2016. Organized by the United Nations High Commission of Refugees and the University of Melbourne, the conference brings together leading researchers and practitioners from around the world on the legal issues arising from the problem of statelessness in the region. 
The workshop coincides with the UNHCR Global Action Plan to End Statelessness 2014-2024. UNHCR has documented that there are 10 million stateless people in the world today, many of who reside in the Asia-Pacific region.
This discussion has particular relevance for Dr Crouch’s research on Myanmar. The National League for Democracy takes office on Monday 1 February, and the pressing issue of inclusivity, citizenship and the need to address the rights of displaced populations in Myanmar should be a key concern.