Annual Review of Constitution-building

The 2015 Annual Review of Constitution-Building Processes has recently been published and is available free online from the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.

This is the third edition published by International IDEA.

The contents of the 2015 edition are as follows: 

Introduction and overview, Sumit Bisarya

1. Constitutional protections of electoral democracy in Africa: a review of key challenges and prospects, Ken O. Opalo

2. Constitution-building in the Pacific in 2015
Anna Dziedzic and Cheryl Saunders

3. Forces and mechanisms in plurinational constitution-building in South Asia, Sumit Bisarya

4. Between endurance and change in South-East Asia: the military and constitutional reform in Myanmar and Thailand
Melissa Crouch and Tom Ginsburg

5. Reforming centralism and supervision in Armenia and Ukraine, William Partlett

6. The role of constitutional identity in the responses to the terror attacks in France and the refugee-management crisis in Hungary, Katalin Dobias