Forthcoming Book: The Business of Transition

In 2017, a new book on The Business of Transition: Law Reform, Development and Economics in Myanmar, will be published with Cambridge University Press. The aim of this volume is to offer new empirical and comparative insights into the intersection between business, development and governance reforms in Myanmar. It brings together a range of leadings experts on Myanmar law, business and economics. The book offers critical perspectives on a range of contemporary issues that are at the cutting edge of business reforms in Myanmar as the newest market in Asia, including the establishment and prospects of Special Economic Zones; the emergence of social enterprise, labour law reforms, the importance of microfinance, the need for local economic governance, and changes to foreign direct investment.

This edited volume offers a close examination of the challenges and prospects of development in Myanmar, therefore contributing to the broader inter-disciplinary field of Asian Studies. It will also appeal to a broader law and development audience, offering a contemporary view of Myanmar from an empirical perspective but in light of the history and debates in the field of law and development more broadly. The volume will also be highly sought after by scholars, policymakers and practitioners because of its timely and thought-provoking insight into the current state of the law reform process in Myanmar in the business and commerce sector. The volume is the outcome of a workshop funded by the University of New South Wales in 2015.

Preface: Professor Martin Krygier

Chapter 1: Understanding the Business of Transition in Myanmar
Melissa Crouch

Chapter 2: Labour Standards and International Investment in Myanmar
Michele Ford, Michael Gillan and Htwe Htwe Thein

Chapter 3: The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in Myanmar: New Openings for Civil Society in Myanmar
Adam Simpson

Chapter 4: The Risky Business of Transformation: Social Enterprise in Myanmar’s Emerging Democracy
John Dale and David Kyle

Chapter 5: Microfinance and the Business of Transition
Sean Turnell

Chapter 6: The Governance of Local Business in Myanmar: Confronting the Legacies of Military Rule
Matthew Arnold

Chapter 7: Special Economic Zones: Gateway or Roadblock to Reform?
Josh Wood

Chapter 8: Facing the Concentrated Burden of Development: Local Responses to Myanmar’s Special Economic Zones
Lauren Nishimura

Chapter 9: Top-down Transitions and the Politics of Sanctions
Catherine Renshaw

Chapter 10: The Business of Aid in Myanmar

Tim Frewer