AMCDP tribute to U Ko Ni

Media release by the Australia Myanmar Constitutional Democracy Project

The assassination of U Ko Ni, at Yangon airport on 29 January, is devastating, tragic, news. His death will distress all who knew him and all who knew the service he gave his country. U Ko Ni was a distinguished lawyer, a legal adviser to Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for Democracy, a Muslim, and a tireless advocate of the principles of a tolerant and peaceful democratic society under the rule of law. We feel first of all for his family, but also for all those who share hopes that Myanmar might soon become a peaceful, flourishing and tolerant constitutional democracy – the goal to which this fine, brave and dedicated man devoted his life, and for which he has now sacrificed it.

Among his many public services, U Ko Ni was a deeply generous friend and supporter of the Australia-Myanmar Constitutional Democracy Project, which is directed from the Faculty of Law at UNSW, and has since 2013 sought to develop understanding in Myanmar of the fundamental principles of constitutional democracy. He gave us his unstinting support and advice and attended and participated, with wisdom and vigour, in all our Yangon workshops. His death is a terrible loss to us, but far more importantly to Myanmar and to the values of mutual respect and tolerance for which many of its people are struggling. Our deepest sympathies to all those connected with him.