Judicial Colloquium with Supreme Court

On 26-28 August 2017, ADB-UNSW will host a Judicial Colloquium on Commercial Law in Naypyidaw, Myanmar. The purpose of the Colloquium is to facilitate dialogue between judges and judicial officers of the High Courts, District Courts and the Union  Supreme Court of Myanmar and judges from foreign jurisdictions including Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Federal Court of Australia. The Judicial Colloquium will provide a forum to share common challenges, experiences, and solutions relating to new and emerging areas of commercial law in Myanmar. It will also cover strategies and structures for managing commercial cases. The Judicial Colloquium will cover both the technical and procedural aspects of commercial litigation and discussions with judges from common law countries with extensive experience in adjudicating commercial law cases. This Judicial Colloquium is part of a broader project on Professional Legal Education by UNSW Law.