Introducing the Association for Mainland Southeast Asia Scholars (AMSEAS)

A New Year, a new academic association!
Looking to connect with an interdisciplinary group of academics who work on Mainland Southeast Asia? The new Association for Mainland Southeast Asia Scholars (known by the acronym AMSEAS) is now accepting applications for membership.

AMSEAS is the first academic association in Australia and New Zealand to focus specifically on Mainland Southeast Asia. It is affiliated with the Asian Studies Association of Australia.

AMSEAS seeks to foster and facilitate opportunities for the advancement of research and knowledge relevant to Mainland Southeast Asia. Recognising the benefits of adopting a multidisciplinary approach and encouraging dialogue between scholars of the individual countries, we promote and support the study of Mainland Southeast Asia. While the primary base of AMSEAS is Australian and New Zealand universities, we also welcome membership from academics, students and researchers from abroad.

AMSEAS is pleased to introduce its Interim Committee that includes:

How do I join?
Membership is currently free. There is a simple online registration form. Once you sign up as a member, we will keep you informed of future AMSEAS events and activities There is also a new facebook page /AMSEASAustralia/ you can follow to connect with other members and share news on new publications, events and activities.

What next?
AMSEAS will be officially launched at the upcoming conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA), to be held at the University of Sydney on 3-5 July 2018. AMSEAS will be hosting a keynote speech at the conference, as well as facilitating a number of panels. We encourage you to attend this event and meet the AMSEAS board and members.

Any inquiries can be directed to the Secretary at