The impact of Covid-19 on research

Covid-19 is currently disrupting academic publishing in a number of ways. 

There are disruptions to the global supply chain for the manufacture and distribution of printed journals. The following publishers have halted journal printing until further notice:

Cambridge University Press (from 25 March 2020)

Taylor & Francis (from 10 April)

Some journal editors or editing boards have suspended or delayed the review or publication process for academic journals.

On the other hand, some publishers are providing open access content for a limited period of time. See the following links from the UNSW library and the ANU library, or select publishers websites such as OUP. The University of California Press has opened free access to all its journals until the end of June 2020

Hart Publishing is currently offering free access for libraries to its online platform, Bloomsbury Collections, until the end of May. To enable access for your institution, email Hart at

The Australian Libraries Copyright Committee has information on the responses of libraries and archives. 

Archival access
National Archives UK open access

New grant schemes
Covid 19 research SSRC grant

If you know of other impacts covid 19 is having on publishers or academic publications ,or have suggestions on ways we should be responding to this as a faculty, please contact the me.