Webinar: Constitutional Breakdowns, Coups, Crises and Disruptions: Experiences from the Commonwealth

This webinar will consider the paralysis in governance caused by a constitutional crisis. Is there a legitimating process? To what extent can the principles of separation of powers be invoked as a check and balance on abuse of power? An important feature in this discourse is the role of the Courts as the sentinel of constitutional values and principles of human rights. This event is run by LawASIA, the Law Council of Australia and The Commonwealth Lawyers Association.

Date: 4 March, 4:30-6pm (Sydney) – register here

The speakers include:

Professor John Hatchard, Emeritus Professor | University of Buckingham, Vice President | Commonwealth Legal Education Association

Andrew Khoo, Co-Chair, Constitutional Law Committee | Malaysian Bar

Graham Leung, Former President | Fiji Law Society, Former Vice President | LAWASIA

Jayampathy Wickramaratne, Attorney-at-Law, President’s Counsel

Professor Melissa Crouch, UNSW Faculty of Law and Justice