Symposium: Women in the Judiciary

The International Association for Constitutional Law (IACL-AIDC) blog is featuring a guest symposium this month on Women in the Judiciary. For the posts, follow the links below

Melissa Crouch, Guest Symposium on Women in the Judiciary

Imelda Deinla, Women judges and the rise and fall of Philippine democracy

Anna Dziedzic, Women judges, local judges, foreign judges: The challenges of collecting data on gender and Pacific judiciaries

Dinesha Samararatne, Reframing Feminist Imperatives in Adjudication in Sri Lanka

Melissa Crouch, Feminisation of the Judiciary between Thick and Thin: Women as Model Minority Judges in Indonesia

This blog series draws on a new book, Women and the Judiciary in the Asia-Pacific (CUP 2021). For a discount on the volume, see the flyer here