Why Religious Supremacy Clauses dont work: Seminar

On Friday 6 July, UNSW Law will host Dr Benjamin Schonthal to speak on “Why Religious Supremacy Clauses Don’t Work: Buddhism, Secularism and the Pyrrhic Constitutionalism of Sri Lanka” Recent scholarship on religion and constitutional law tends to characterize religious supremacy clauses – clauses that give special status or protections to one or more religionsContinue reading “Why Religious Supremacy Clauses dont work: Seminar”

Book Review: Buddhism, Politics and the Limits of Law

In recent decades, high profile controversies of monks involved in law and politics, as well as serious violent conflict, across South and Southeast Asia has exposed our current knowledge of the causes and consequences as insufficient. This has generated renewed scholarly interest in the study of Buddhism, law and politics. Benjamin Schonthal’s book on Buddhism, PoliticsContinue reading “Book Review: Buddhism, Politics and the Limits of Law”

Seminar: What is Buddhist Constitutionalism?

On 13 September, UNSW Law will host a seminar by Dr Ben Schonthal on ‘What is Buddhist Constitutionalism?’ His paper argues that there is a unique form of theocratic constitutionalism that appears in the Buddhist-majority countries of South and Southeast Asia and that scholars of constitutional law ought to pay attention to it. Taking insightsContinue reading “Seminar: What is Buddhist Constitutionalism?”

Special Issue: Buddhism and Law

A special issue on Buddhism and Law has been published with the Asian Journal of Law andSociety, Vol 3(1), 2016. It includes the following articles: Benjamin SCHONTHAL, Tom GINSBURG, Setting an Agenda for the Socio-Legal Study of Contemporary Buddhism, Asian Journal of Law and Society, 3(1) pp 1 – 15 Tomas LARSSON, Keeping Monks in Their Place? AsianContinue reading “Special Issue: Buddhism and Law”

Reality check on Islam, Buddhism in Myanmar

Reality check on Islam, Buddhism in Myanmar The West has been wondering what has gone wrong with Buddhism in Myanmar since 2012 and the violence primarily by Buddhists against Muslims. Yet I want to suggest that this is the wrong question, and that the West needs to take a look in the mirror. The West’sContinue reading “Reality check on Islam, Buddhism in Myanmar”