Pre-emptive Constitution-making

My article on ‘Pre-emptive constitution-making: Authoritarian Constitutionalism and the Military in Myanmar” (2020) Law & Society Review 54(2) is now out Abstract: Constitutions are an important feature of many authoritarian regimes. But what role do they in fact perform in processes of authoritarian regime stabilization and legitimation? Much of the contemporary literature focuses on authoritarian constitutionalism in transitions awayContinue reading “Pre-emptive Constitution-making”

Constitution-making in Divided Societies: The Case of Myanmar

On 13 September 2018 I will be speaking at the Center for Constitutional Democracy, Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Indianapolis, on “Constitution-Making in Divided Societies”. Calls for constitutional reform persist in many countries around the global. Constitutional design and participation in constitution-making presents particular challenges in divided societies. Demands for constitutional change are often perceived as anContinue reading “Constitution-making in Divided Societies: The Case of Myanmar”

Principles and Processes of Constitution-making

On 4-5 February 2017, I ran a workshop on ‘Principles and Processes of Constitution-making’ for a select group of participants in Myanmar. The course included discussion on the role and function of a constitution, types of constitutional change, common processes in constitution-making, and public participation in constitutional reform, with reflection on comparative experiences and theContinue reading “Principles and Processes of Constitution-making”