Conference on Sociolegal Studies in Indonesia

In November, the Faculty of Law of Brawijaya University is hosting the third Indonesian Sociolegal Conference. On 8 November, there will be a socio-legal methods workshop for early career scholars. On 10-11 November, there will be a conference on ‘Resilience In The Time Of Crisis: Justice, Access And Participation’. This conference is organised by leadingContinue reading “Conference on Sociolegal Studies in Indonesia”

Forum on International Education and Asian Studies

The Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) invites its members to a forum to discuss its submission to the government’s consultation on a new strategy for international education, which presents an opportunity to promote Asian studies and languages. The webinar will be held at 2pm on 22 April. The Forum will begin with a talkContinue reading “Forum on International Education and Asian Studies”

Judicial Independence in Asia

On 14 January, the Nagoya University Centre for Asian Legal Exchange (CALE) and the Graduate School of Law are hosting a webinar on judicial independence in ASEAN. In order to safeguard independent judiciary in any jurisdiction, policymakers have to create adequate frameworks for appointing and promoting judges, as well as securing their independent status. ASEAN memberContinue reading “Judicial Independence in Asia”

Podcast on Myanmar’s Constitution in Context

The Indonesian Journal of International and Comparative Law has a new podcast series, hosted by the Institute for Migrant Rights in Cianjur, Indonesia.  A podcast on the nature of democracy in Myanmar’s military-state can be found here, alongside other podcasts by scholars addressing a range of issues concerning international and comparative law.

Indonesia Council law panels

The Indonesia Council is being held from 20-21 November 2019 at ANU. The following panels focus on constitutional law in Indonesia Wednesday, 9:00-10:30am Panel 1: Constitutionalism and the Courts in Indonesia Chair: Melissa Crouch, UNSW Attacking Free Expression and the Rise of Authoritarianism in IndonesiaHerlambang P. Wiratraman Indonesia’s democracy is challenged by the increasingly authoritarian model of governanceContinue reading “Indonesia Council law panels”

Indonesian Law and Society Workshop

UNSW is pleased to host a work in progress seminar on Indonesian Law and Society Monday 18 November 2019; UNSW Law, Staff Common room 11:30-12:30pm: Session 1 Chair: Melissa Crouch Speaker 1 Yance Arizona, Indigeneity Trap: The limit of adat as a strategic framing in land conflict between rural communities against forestry enterprises Speaker 2 Jacqueline Vel, DirtyContinue reading “Indonesian Law and Society Workshop”

Book Launch: The Politics of Court Reform

On Monday 18 November, the UNSW Bookroom will host a book launch of “The Politics of Court Reform: Judicial Change and Legal Culture in Indonesia” (CUP 2019)Chair: Jacqueline Vel, with authors Melissa Crouch, Theunis Roux, Indri Saptaningrun, Herlambang Perdana and Fritz Siregar Indonesia is the world’s third largest democracy and its courts are an importantContinue reading “Book Launch: The Politics of Court Reform”

Indonesian Constitutional Court International Symposium

The third Indonesia Constitutional Court International Symposium 2019 (ICCIS 2019) will be held on Monday 4 November 2019 in Bali. From 6-7th Nov, there will be an academic conference on ‘Constitutional Courts and the Protection of Social and Economic Rights’. It even has its own youtube video.My paper will focus on “Court Reform after Authoritarian Rule: SpecialisedContinue reading “Indonesian Constitutional Court International Symposium”

Indonesia’s experiment with specialised courts

Note: this post first appeared on 1 Sept 2019, on Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press Indonesia’s extensive court system delivers justice for the world’s third largest democracy. The dramatic end of authoritarian rule under Suharto in 1998 ushered in two decades of law reform. Since then, the constitutional and political system has undergone major changesContinue reading “Indonesia’s experiment with specialised courts”

Sociolegal Conference at University of Indonesia

From 23-24 August 2019, the University of Indonesia Law Faculty will host the second Socio-legal Conference. This is in cooperation with Leiden University, KITLV, University of Melbourne, UNSW, University of Sydney and Nagoya University. The theme of the conference is ‘Towards procedural and substantive justice’. The operation of law in a plural society is complex, inContinue reading “Sociolegal Conference at University of Indonesia”