Constitutional Design in the Muslim World

The Law School at Northwestern University are running a Colloquium Series on Constitutional Design in the Muslim World in 2013-2014. The colloquium is convened by Professor Erin Delaney and Professor Kristen Stilt, and will feature work from scholars on jurisdictions as diverse as Iran, Egypt, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The workingContinue reading “Constitutional Design in the Muslim World”

NUS visits Yangon, Mandalay University

On 12-16 August 2013, Melissa was part of a delegation to Myanmar on behalf of the Law Faculty, the National University of Singapore, organised by the Ministry of Law (Singapore). The trip was also attended by the Dean of the Law Faculty of Singapore Management University and officials from the Ministry of Law, Singapore. VisitsContinue reading “NUS visits Yangon, Mandalay University”

Australian High Court blog

The Melbourne Law School, the University of Melbourne, has recently launched a new High Court Blog, which aims to provide a public forum for discussion of the judicial decisions of the High Court of Australia. The blog features discussion of court decisions handed down by the High Court as well as reflections on significant events and cases, such as the Tasmanian DamContinue reading “Australian High Court blog”