Religion and Constitutional Practise

Over the past two days, the Centre for Asian Legal Studies (CALS) and the International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) organised a Conference on Religion and Constitutional Practices in Asia. Religion is a highly salient feature of many Asian societies and its significance extends beyond the private sphere. In countries like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, andContinue reading “Religion and Constitutional Practise”

Graduation Ceremony for Legal Training Program

 On 29 August 2017, UNSW Law hosted the graduation ceremony in Yangon for 36 lawyers who completed the UNSW/ADB Professional Legal Education in Commercial and Corporate Law Training Program. The training program was designed and run by a team at UNSW Law led by Dr Melissa Crouch.  The intensive training course ran from April to JulyContinue reading “Graduation Ceremony for Legal Training Program”

Building a Constitutional Culture in Myanmar

From 22 to 23 November, the Australia Myanmar Constitutional Democracy Project led by UNSW Law held a workshop on Building a Constitutional Culture in Myanmar. Over 60 participants attended including lawyers, civil society organisations, former judges, academics and students. This represented the fourth year of this program, that has now included 9 major workshops andContinue reading “Building a Constitutional Culture in Myanmar”

Special Issue on Religion in Myanmar

The Review of Faith and International Affairs will soon publish a special issue on religion in Myanmar. The volume includes contributions on a range of topics by several Burma Studies scholars. My own contribution is on the ‘The Construction of Religion by Law in Myanmar‘. The abstract is as follows: This article provides an overview of theContinue reading “Special Issue on Religion in Myanmar”

Electives on Southeast Asia at UNSW Law

Next year I will be offering two new electives at UNSW Law Faculty. The idea for electives came out of a survey I conducted of law students in the faculty, via the Law Student Society. Out of 52 respondents, 95% said they agreed that there should be more subjects on Asian law offered in the curriculum.Continue reading “Electives on Southeast Asia at UNSW Law”

Australia-Myanmar Constitutional Workshop

On 26-27 November 2014, the Australia-Myanmar Constitutional Democracy Workshop was held at Sedona Hotel in Yangon. Building on the constitutional law workshop held in 2013, this workshop had a particular focus on constitutional principles and institutions. The workshop was hosted by the University of New South Wales, and also included academics from NUS, ANU, CanadaContinue reading “Australia-Myanmar Constitutional Workshop”

Cause Lawyers in Asia

The Wisconsin International Law Journal has recently published a special edition on Cause Lawyers in Asia (Issue 3, Fall 2013). The volume includes the following contributions: Mobilizing Law for Justice in Asia: A Comparative Approach Frank W. Munger, Scott L. Cummings and Louise G. Trubek| New Paths to Justice: A Tale of Social Justice Lawyering in Bangladesh Cynthia Farid   The Call of the Times:Continue reading “Cause Lawyers in Asia”

Constitutional Design in the Muslim World

The Law School at Northwestern University are running a Colloquium Series on Constitutional Design in the Muslim World in 2013-2014. The colloquium is convened by Professor Erin Delaney and Professor Kristen Stilt, and will feature work from scholars on jurisdictions as diverse as Iran, Egypt, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The workingContinue reading “Constitutional Design in the Muslim World”

NUS visits Yangon, Mandalay University

On 12-16 August 2013, Melissa was part of a delegation to Myanmar on behalf of the Law Faculty, the National University of Singapore, organised by the Ministry of Law (Singapore). The trip was also attended by the Dean of the Law Faculty of Singapore Management University and officials from the Ministry of Law, Singapore. VisitsContinue reading “NUS visits Yangon, Mandalay University”

Australian High Court blog

The Melbourne Law School, the University of Melbourne, has recently launched a new High Court Blog, which aims to provide a public forum for discussion of the judicial decisions of the High Court of Australia. The blog features discussion of court decisions handed down by the High Court as well as reflections on significant events and cases, such as the Tasmanian DamContinue reading “Australian High Court blog”