Constitutional Democracy in Indonesia

Editor, Melissa Crouch The Indonesian Constitution is an important legal text that governs the world’s third largest democracy. After decades of authoritarian rule, a key aspect of the transition to constitutional democracy was the amendment of the 1945 Constitution. The amended Constitution introduced profound changes to the legal and political system, including an emphasis onContinue reading “Constitutional Democracy in Indonesia”

Women and the Judiciary in the Asia-Pacific

Melissa Crouch (edited volume, Cambridge University Press) The judiciary is an important institution in efforts to overcome and address issues of inequality, discrimination and gender injustice for women. The feminisation of the judiciary – both in its simple meaning of entrance into the profession as well as its more substantive forms of realising gender justiceContinue reading “Women and the Judiciary in the Asia-Pacific”

The Constitution of Myanmar: A Contextual Analysis

Melissa Crouch (Hart Publishing) This book provides an analysis of the 2008 Constitution of Myanmar (Burma) in its historical, political and social context. The book canvasses the historical foundations of the Constitution and the issue of credibility raised by the past process of constitution-making. The book identifies and articulates the principles of the Constitution throughContinue reading “The Constitution of Myanmar: A Contextual Analysis”

The Politics of Court Reform: Judicial Change and Legal Culture in Indonesia

Melissa Crouch (edited volume, Cambridge University Press)  In this volume, experts on Indonesian law and courts reflect on the growth and changes in the role and function of courts in Indonesia. Indonesia’s judiciary is a critical part of its democratic system. Since the transition from authoritarian rule in 1998, a range of new specialized courtsContinue reading “The Politics of Court Reform: Judicial Change and Legal Culture in Indonesia”

The Business of Transition: Law Reform, Development and Economics in Myanmar

Edited by Melissa Crouch (2017), Cambridge University Press This volume offers a timely reflection on law, development and economics through empirical and comparative perspectives on contemporary Myanmar. The central theme of the book is to understand the business that takes place in times of major political change through law and development initiatives and foreign investment.Continue reading “The Business of Transition: Law Reform, Development and Economics in Myanmar”

Conflict in Myanmar: War, Politics, Religion

Nick Cheesman and Nicholas Farrelly have a new edited volume coming out on Conflict in Myanmar. The volume is the outcome of the 2015 ANU Myanmar/Burma Update. The abstract for the book is as follows: As Myanmar’s military adjusts to life with its former opponents holding elected office, Conflict in Myanmar showcases innovative research by a rising generationContinue reading “Conflict in Myanmar: War, Politics, Religion”

Islam and the State in Myanmar: Muslim-Buddhist Relations and the Politics of Belonging

Edited by Melissa Crouch, 2016, Oxford University Press  The edited volume aims to reinvigorate scholarship on Islam in Myanmar, to explore the diversity within the Muslim community, to offer new empirical research, and to bring a scholarly perspective and insight into complex issues raised by the position of Muslims where they form a minority inContinue reading “Islam and the State in Myanmar: Muslim-Buddhist Relations and the Politics of Belonging”

Law, Society and Transition in Myanmar

Edited by Melissa Crouch and Tim Lindsey, 2014 Hart Publishing This is the first edited volume to address the dynamics of the legal system of Myanmar/Burma in the context of the transition to democracy. It includes contributions from leading scholars in the field on a range of key legal issues now facing Myanmar, such asContinue reading “Law, Society and Transition in Myanmar”

Law and Religion in Indonesia: Conflict and the Courts in West Java

Melissa Crouch, 2013, Routledge Understanding and managing inter-religious relations, particularly between Muslims and Christians, presents a challenge for states around the world. This book investigates the judicialisation of religion in the world’s largest majority-Muslim, democratic country, Indonesia. It examines how the interaction between state and religion has influenced relations between religious communities in the transitionContinue reading “Law and Religion in Indonesia: Conflict and the Courts in West Java”