Cause Lawyers in Asia

The Wisconsin International Law Journal has recently published a special edition on Cause Lawyers in Asia (Issue 3, Fall 2013). The volume includes the following contributions:

Mobilizing Law for Justice in Asia: A Comparative Approach Frank W. Munger, Scott L. Cummings and Louise G. Trubek|

New Paths to Justice: A Tale of Social Justice Lawyering in Bangladesh Cynthia Farid  

The Call of the Times: Strategic Public Interest Lawyering during the Arroyo Regime in the Philippines (2001-2010)
H. Harry L. Roque

TRAFCORD and Its Participation in the Promotion of Human Rights to Counter Human Trafficking in Thailand Duean Wongsa

Social Justice Lawyering and the Meaning of Indian Constitutionalism: A Case Study of the Alternative Law Forum Arvind Narrain and Arun K  Thiruvengadam

Protecting Community Rights: Prospects for Public Interest Lawyering in Mongolia Bayartsetseg Jigmiddash and Jennifer Rasmussen

Monkey in a Wig: Loyarburok, Undimsia, Public Interest Litigation and beyond Shanmuga Kanesalingam 

Cause Lawyers in Indonesia: A House Divided 
Tim Lindsey and Melissa Crouch

Of Absences, Masks, and Exceptions: Cause Lawyering in Singapore 
Jothie Rajah and Arun K Thiruvengadam

The Jurifidication of Cause Advocacy in Socialist Asia: Vietnam as a Case Study
John Gillespie

Not Just Defending; Advocating for Law in Myanmar 
Nick Cheesman and Kyaw Minn San

Sleeping with Dragons; Politically Embedded Lawyers Suing the Chinese State John
Wagner Givens

A Short History of the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative’s Technical Assistance Approach
Jennifer Rasmussen