Review of Scholarship on Myanmar Law

The recent edition of the Pacific Rim Law and Policy Review contains several articles on Myanmar, including on the topic of sovereign wealth funds and responsible investment.

My article is on “Rediscovering ‘Law’ in Myanmar: A Review of Scholarship on the Legal System of Myanmar”. The legal system of Myanmar is an understudied area in the academic field of Asian Legal Studies. This article provides a map of scholarship that exists on law in Myanmar that can be built on in the future. It identifies the fields of law that have been the object of knowledge, the key issues and arguments that have driven research on law in Myanmar, and the central academics whose oeuvre of publications have sustained the field. The article is organized around four broad themes: custom, religion and the law; public law and governance; corporate law; and the politics of law. As we begin to imagine the next generation of legal scholarship, it is imperative for future research on Myanmar law to be grounded in its social, political and historical context by engaging with the existing body of social science literature on Burma Studies more generally.

The full paper is available here.