Socio-legal Scholarship on Southeast Asia

The Asian Journal of Comparative Law is about to publish a special edition on Socio-legal Scholarship on Southeast Asia.

This special issue is the result of a workshop held in 2012 on Socio-legal Research on Southeast Asia: Themes, Directions, and Challenges, organised by Lynette J. Chua and Andrew Harding at the Centre for Asian Legal Studies, NUS, Singapore. As the first in a series of academic gatherings planned to advance socio-legal research on Southeast Asia, the workshop brought together leading scholars in the field and researchers from the region. Its goals were to foster an academic community, articulate potential research directions, and thus provide the bases for subsequent conferences and projects that engage the broader field of socio-legal studies while giving voice to Southeast Asian perspectives and experiences.

See below for the articles included in the edition:

Socio-legal Scholarship on Southeast Asia: Themes and Directions
Guest Editors: Lynette J Chua and Melissa Crouch

Charting Socio-Legal Scholarship on Southeast Asia: Key Themes and Future Directions
Lynette J Chua

Revolution Imagined: Cause Advocacy, Consumer Rights, and the Evolving Role of NGOs in Thailand
Frank Munger

New Transnational Governance and the Changing Composition of Regulatory Pluralism in Southeast Asia
John Gillespie

The Conceptualisation of Pro Bono in Singapore
Helena Whalen-Bridge

The Philippine Supreme Court and Regime Response, 1970–2000
Stacia L Haynie and Tao L Dumas

Alliances and Contestations in the Legal Production of Space: The Case of Bali
Agung Wardana