Socio-legal Scholarship on Southeast Asia

The Asian Journal of Comparative Law is about to publish a special edition on Socio-legal Scholarship on Southeast Asia. This special issue is the result of a workshop held in 2012 on Socio-legal Research on Southeast Asia: Themes, Directions, and Challenges, organised by Lynette J. Chua and Andrew Harding at the Centre for Asian Legal Studies, NUS, Singapore. AsContinue reading “Socio-legal Scholarship on Southeast Asia”

Australian Journal of Asian Law Edition 14(2)

Edition 14(2) of the Australian Journal of Asian Law is now available on SSRNIt includes the following articles: The Internal Logic Behind the Evolution of Company Law in China – Do Legal Origins Matter?Andrew Godwin Excusing Notice Under Singapore’s Statutory Derivative ActionAlan K. Koh The Fiduciary Doctrine as a New Pathway: An Alternative Approach to AnalysingContinue reading “Australian Journal of Asian Law Edition 14(2)”