Building a Constitutional Culture in Myanmar

From 22 to 23 November, the Australia Myanmar Constitutional Democracy Project led by UNSW Law held a workshop on Building a Constitutional Culture in Myanmar. Over 60 participants attended including lawyers, civil society organisations, former judges, academics and students. This represented the fourth year of this program, that has now included 9 major workshops and over 600 participants. Discussions, debate and education on constitutional law remain of critical importance in Myanmar since the country made its transition from direct military rule in 2011.

The program for the conference included:
Day 1
Panel 1 – Constitution and Politics in Myanmar, Challenges and Opportunities, Martin Krygier and Wojciech Sadurski
Panel 2 – Constitutions and Constitutionalism in Myanmar, Melissa Crouch and Wojciech Sadurski
Panel 3: Valued Ideals: The Rule of Law, Separation of Powers and Judicial Independence, Martin Krygier and Adam Czarnota

Panel 4: Valued Ideals: Federalism and Minority Rights, Melissa Crouch and Theunis Rous
Day 2
Panel 5: Valued Ideals: Rights, Catherine Renshaw and Wojciech Sadurski
Panel 6: Buliding a Democratic Constitutional Culture, Martin Krygier and Theunis Roux
Panel 7: Summary and way forward, Ambassador Maria Leissner