Yangon Book Launch The Constitution of Myanmar

On Wednesday 22 January, there will be a book launch and discussion panel at The Asia Foundation office in Yangon for the launch of The Constitution of Myanmar.The panel will be chaired by Helene Maria Kyed, and feature panelists Dr Lian K Sakhong, Saw Kapi and Htet Min Lwin. Copies of the book are available for sale at the Myanmar Book Centre.Continue reading “Yangon Book Launch The Constitution of Myanmar”

Political Parties and State Transformation in Myanmar

From 10-11th November, a conference will be held in Yangon on “Shaping Past, Present and Future: Political Parties and State Transformation in Myanmar”. The conference is jointly organised by Initiative Austausch e.V., the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation and the German Institute of Global and Area Studies. I will be giving a talk on: “The Union Parliament, Political Parties andContinue reading “Political Parties and State Transformation in Myanmar”

The Constitution, the Military and the State in Myanmar

On 8 October I will give a talk at the University of Chicago on “The Constitution, the Military and the State in Myanmar: The Power and Limits of Aung San Suu Kyi’s Government“ Calls for constitutional reform persist in many countries around the global. Constitutional design and participation in constitution-making presents a host of challengesContinue reading “The Constitution, the Military and the State in Myanmar”

Brownbag: Charting the Future of Constitutionalism in Myanmar

On 10 April 2018  I will give a brownbag seminar as a Kathleen Fitzpatrick Visiting Fellow of the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies, the University of Melbourne.  The talk is based on the first chapter of the book manuscript, The Constitution of Myanmar, which is part of Hart’s Constitutions of the World series. Abstract: This timelyContinue reading “Brownbag: Charting the Future of Constitutionalism in Myanmar”

One year on: Tribute to U Ko Ni

Tomorrow marks one year since the assassination of U Ko Ni. Below is a rerun of the article I wrote following that tragedy:This week people in Myanmar were forced to confront the kind of country that it is becoming. On 29 January 2017, U Ko Ni, a prominent lawyer and legal advisor, was tragically assassinated at YangonContinue reading “One year on: Tribute to U Ko Ni”

Myanmar’s Advocate for Constitutional Reform

‘Saya’ U Ko Ni: Myanmar’s Advocate for Constitutional Reform On 29 January 2017, U Ko Ni, a prominent lawyer and legal advisor to the National League for Democracy (NLD), was brutally assassinated at Yangon International Airport. He was returning from a trip to Indonesia with the Information Minister, U Pe Myint. His untimely death is anContinue reading “Myanmar’s Advocate for Constitutional Reform”

The Role and Function of a Constitutional Court

On 25-26 November 2016, a workshop was held with the Myanmar Constitutional Tribunal in Naypyidaw on “The Role and Function of a Constitutional Court in Comparative Perspective”.  The conference was organised by the Australia Myanmar Constitutional Democracy Project, and supported by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. The conference was attended by the nine members of the ConstitutionalContinue reading “The Role and Function of a Constitutional Court”

Building a Constitutional Culture in Myanmar

From 22 to 23 November, the Australia Myanmar Constitutional Democracy Project led by UNSW Law held a workshop on Building a Constitutional Culture in Myanmar. Over 60 participants attended including lawyers, civil society organisations, former judges, academics and students. This represented the fourth year of this program, that has now included 9 major workshops andContinue reading “Building a Constitutional Culture in Myanmar”

Reining in Emergency Powers in Myanmar

This article first appeared in the East Asia Forum, 3 November 2016 In October 2016 serious concerns were raised about the situation in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine State after reports surfaced that nine police officers had been killed in the region. But the state’s precarious situation continues to be shrouded in mystery. Speculation over the motives of the perpetrators andContinue reading “Reining in Emergency Powers in Myanmar”