AMR LSA Book Panel: The Constitution of Myanmar

Author Meets Reader Session: The Constitution of Myanmar: Local and Comparative Challenges for Constitutionalism

This session will discuss the book, The Constitution of Myanmar: A Contextual Analysis, and consider the implications of this work for comparative law and society research in the field of constitutional law and politics. The book identifies how people in Myanmar understand and use the 2008 Constitution. This book suggests that the Constitution is crucial to the establishment and maintenance of the military-state. The military-state promotes the role of the military in governance, enforces an ideology developed during military rule, and organises institutions of the state around the principle of cooperative centralism. This timely book offers an important perspective on the role of law and legal institutions in Myanmar’s authoritarian regime.

Chaired by Dr Nick Cheesman, the panel includes: 

Cynthia Farid, University of Wisconsin Law School  

Professor Tom Ginsburg, University of Chicago, Law School

Maryam Khan, University of Wisconsin Law School  

Professor Heinz Klug, University of Wisconsin