PhD Scholarship on Constitutionalism

A PhD scholarship opportunity is open for applications at UNSW Law. The supervision team is Professor Rosalind Dixon, Professor Theunis Roux and A/Prof Melissa Crouch.

The topic is “A Liberal Response to Populist Constitutionalism’, and the project description is as follows: The post-2010 rise of populist constitutionalism poses the gravest threat to liberal constitutionalism in decades. From Poland to Turkey, and Hungary to Venezuela, populist political parties have succeeded in typifying liberal constitutionalism as an elitist political ideology rather than the universally applicable approach to good governance it claims to be. This project will use interdisciplinary law/social science methods to understand how liberal constitutionalists ought to respond to this challenge through self-reflection, improved constitutional design, contextually aware judicial decision-making and social movement activism. Findings will contribute to a burgeoning comparative literature on these issues. 

More details on the application process and generous scholarship terms are available here.