Early Career Workshop at UNSW Law



12 PM – 4:30PM, Friday 21 June 2019

Law Faculty Common Room, Level 2, Law Building (MAP REF: F8)

Session 1: Social Impact and (National) benefit

Chair: Dr. Tanya Jakimow (UNSW)

Speakers: Jan Breckenridge (UNSW), Louise Edwards (UNSW) & Sarah Cook (IGD, UNSW)

In this session we will hear from researchers across the Humanities and Social Sciences about how they narrate the benefit of their research and devise a strategy to increase social impact.

Session 2: Academic Service and Leadership

Chair: Felix Tan (UNSW)

Speakers: Mina Roces (UNSW), Melissa Crouch (UNSW) & Kuniawati Dewi (Indonesian Institute of Sciences, LIPI)

A session to discuss the difference between service and leadership roles, the gendered nature of academic labour, the considerations when deciding to take on such roles, and negotiation skills to ensure that such labour makes a positive contribution to your career.

Session 3: Building International Networks (of solidarity)

Chair: Melissa Crouch (UNSW)

Speakers: Priya Chacko (Adelaide University), Minako Sakai (UNSW Canberra) & Dina Afrianty (La Trobe University)

The session will also provide advice on building national and international research networks. In doing so it will consider ways that scholars may be marginalised from these networks on account of their gender, race, institution, accent, language and so on, as well as strategies to deal with this on an individual level, and most critically, as an academic community.

Session 4: Finding time for life

Chair: Carmen Leong (UNSW)Speakers: Hannah Bulloch (ANU), Karen Fisher (UNSW) & Monika Barthwal-Datta (UNSW)

Aimed to help participants find perspective in relation to their academic career among the other aspects of their life, as well as time management and negotiation skills to become more productive in the pursuits that advance that career.

The workshop will be followed by refreshments