ANU Seminar on the Military and the Courts in Myanmar

On 24 August, the ANU College of Law will host a seminar by Melissa Crouch on ‘Judicial Loyalty to the Military in Authoritarian Regimes: How the Courts are Militarised in Myanmar’.

Judicial-military relations are an underexplored aspect of the rule of law in authoritarian regimes. In this presentation I explore the concept of judicial loyalty to the military. Through the case of Myanmar, I consider how courts are militarised, that is, the process of rendering judges loyal to the military. Based on ethnographic research, I show how the Supreme Court and subnational High Courts in Myanmar have been, and remain, loyal to the military.

Location : Phillipa Weeks Staff Library, ANU College of Law, Building 7, Room 7.4.1. 6 Fellows Road, Acton, ACT 2601

Registration available here