ANU Seminar on the Military and the Courts in Myanmar

On 24 August, the ANU College of Law will host a seminar by Melissa Crouch on ‘Judicial Loyalty to the Military in Authoritarian Regimes: How the Courts are Militarised in Myanmar’. Judicial-military relations are an underexplored aspect of the rule of law in authoritarian regimes. In this presentation I explore the concept of judicial loyaltyContinue reading “ANU Seminar on the Military and the Courts in Myanmar”

Criticising Judges and the Courts

The Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law is hosting a Public Lecture on criticising judges and the courts by the Hon Geoffrey Ma, Chief Justice of the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal on Thursday 24 May at 6.30 pm. This will be followed by a reception with drinks and canapés. see link for more. The Basic Law ofContinue reading “Criticising Judges and the Courts”

Re-reading Dan S Lev on the politics of Indonesian courts

At UNSW Law we are taking time to re-read the work of the late political scientists and Indonesian law scholar, Professor Dan S Lev. The reading group will run over the following week Wednesday 9th May 12pm Daniel S Lev, ‘Judicial Institutions and Legal Culture in Indonesia’, in Claire Holt, Culture and Politics in Indonesia. (2007, EquinoxContinue reading “Re-reading Dan S Lev on the politics of Indonesian courts”

Courts, Power and Legal Process in Indonesia

This workshop on “Courts, Power and Legal Process in Indonesia” will reflect on the growth in the role and function of courts in Indonesia. 20 years on from Indonesia’s democratic transition, there has not yet been a thorough analysis of how and why Indonesia’s courts have changed, and what this says about power and legalContinue reading “Courts, Power and Legal Process in Indonesia”

The Politics of Courts and Legal Culture

Law and Society Association Panel 2018 Panel Title: The Politics of Courts and Legal Culture: Indonesia’s Judiciary and the Legacy of Dan S Lev On Friday 8 June, as part of the Law and Society Association Annual conference, I am looking forward to being part of this panel on the politics of courts and legalContinue reading “The Politics of Courts and Legal Culture”

Law and Governance in Myanmar

On Thursday 27th July I have been invited to give a talk at RMIT University in Melbourne on “Law and Governance in Myanmar: The Courts and the Challenge of Judicial Independence”The abstract of my paper is as follows: What can be learnt about the idea and ideal of judicial independence in authoritarian regimes? While idealised internationalContinue reading “Law and Governance in Myanmar”

Courts and Constitutionalism in Contemporary Asia

Next week at the ICON conference we have a panel lined up on “Courts and Constitutionalism in Contemporary Asia”. This panel seeks to explore the role of courts and how and why they do (or do not) contribute to building constitutionalism in contemporary Asia. The last few decades have seen the creation of a range ofContinue reading “Courts and Constitutionalism in Contemporary Asia”

Ahok, Indonesia’s ‘Nemo’, sent to jail

This article was first published in The Policy Forum, 10 May 2017What do Nemo, the Archangel Gabriel, a martial arts teacher, and a man who whistled during prayers have in common? They have all been convicted by a court for blasphemy in Indonesia. Yesterday the global community was shocked by the court verdict in Jakarta, the teeming capital city ofContinue reading “Ahok, Indonesia’s ‘Nemo’, sent to jail”

Islamist rule by law in Indonesia

This article first appeared in Policy Forum, 3 December 2016. The great paradox of Indonesian democracy is on display for all the world to see. On one hand, there is greater freedom of expression and association for all. But on the other, this has given fuel to Islamists to espouse lawlessness and violence in the absenceContinue reading “Islamist rule by law in Indonesia”