The Constitution, the Military and the State in Myanmar

On 8 October I will give a talk at the University of Chicago on “The Constitution, the Military and the State in Myanmar: The Power and Limits of Aung San Suu Kyi’s Government“ Calls for constitutional reform persist in many countries around the global. Constitutional design and participation in constitution-making presents a host of challengesContinue reading “The Constitution, the Military and the State in Myanmar”

Implementing New Constitutions Workshop

From 13-14 October 2017, Chicago Law School will be holding a workshop on ‘From Parchment to Practise: Implementing New Constitutions’. I will be presenting a paper on “Vehicle for Democratic Transition or Authoritarian Straightjacket? Constitutional Regression and Risks in the Struggle to Change Myanmar’s Constitution“.  The abstract of my paper is as follows: How hard isContinue reading “Implementing New Constitutions Workshop”