Reining in Emergency Powers in Myanmar

This article first appeared in the East Asia Forum, 3 November 2016 In October 2016 serious concerns were raised about the situation in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine State after reports surfaced that nine police officers had been killed in the region. But the state’s precarious situation continues to be shrouded in mystery. Speculation over the motives of the perpetrators andContinue reading “Reining in Emergency Powers in Myanmar”

Law and Conflict in Myanmar

Legal and constitutional reform often occurs at moments of political conflict, crisis and change. This is the case in Myanmar today.The general assumption is that law has not played a significant role in Myanmar in the past, but that in the post-2011 transition from military to semi-civilian rule, law can and will take on a more importantContinue reading “Law and Conflict in Myanmar”

Making Sense of Conflict

Myanmar Burma Update 2015: Making Sense of Conflict5 – 6 June 2015, Australian National University, CanberraAs rapid political, economic and social change in Myanmar continues, the next Myanmar (Burma) Update conference at the Australian National University will occur on Friday, 5 June and Saturday, 6 June 2015, ahead of the general elections anticipated for laterContinue reading “Making Sense of Conflict”