Government, University Responsible for decline in Indo-Pacific literacy

 *This article first appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald on 15 December 2020.  La Trobe, Swinburne, Murdoch and Western Sydney University. These are some of the Australian universities considering axing various Indo-Pacific language programs from Indonesian to Hindi. It’s feared other universities may follow suit. Abolishing language programs is a dumb move. Australian universities are a keyContinue reading “Government, University Responsible for decline in Indo-Pacific literacy”

Australia-Indonesia relations need to talk the talk

*This article was first published in The Interpreter, 14 December 2020 This year has been one of great tumult at Australian universities. Not least is the nonsensical proposals to axe Indonesian language programs by several universities such as La Trobe, Western Sydney University and Murdoch. Australian universities are closing the door of opportunity to the wideContinue reading “Australia-Indonesia relations need to talk the talk”

Time to Reverse the Indonesian Language Disaster on our Shores

*This article first appeared in The Interpreter on 15 May 2019. Opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Penny Wong’s efforts to set out a vision for Australia’s foreign policy on Asia, embodied in Labor’s “FutureAsia” plans, are admirable. The specific focus of fostering knowledge of and engagement with Southeast Asia is welcome. A key part of enhancing Southeast AsiaContinue reading “Time to Reverse the Indonesian Language Disaster on our Shores”