Re-reading Dan S Lev on the politics of Indonesian courts

At UNSW Law we are taking time to re-read the work of the late political scientists and Indonesian law scholar, Professor Dan S Lev. The reading group will run over the following week

Wednesday 9th May 12pm

Daniel S Lev, ‘Judicial Institutions and Legal Culture in Indonesia’, in Claire Holt, Culture and Politics in Indonesia. (2007, Equinox Publishing). pp 246-318

Wednesday 16th May 12pm

Daniel S Lev ‘Conceptual Filters and Obfuscation in the Study of Indonesian Politics’ (2005) 29:4, Asian Studies Review

Monday 4 June 12pm

Daniel S Lev (1978) ‘Judicial Authority and the Struggle for an Indonesian Rechtsstaat’ 13(1) Law & Society Review 37-71.

Tuesday 26 June 12pm

Daniel S Lev (1965) “The Politics of Judicial Development in Indonesia,” Comparative Studies in Society and History (January)