Constitutional Law in Asia: Special Issue

The International Journal of Constitutional Law has recently published a special issue on constitutional law in Asia, and the articles are free to download online. It includes: Directive principles and the expressive accommodation of ideological dissenters, Tarunabh KhaitanDictators, democrats, and constitutional dialogue: Myanmar’s constitutional tribunal, Melissa CrouchJudging socio-economic rights in Hong Kong, Michael RamsdenConstitutionalizing administrative law in theContinue reading “Constitutional Law in Asia: Special Issue”

Courts and Constitutionalism in Contemporary Asia

Next week at the ICON conference we have a panel lined up on “Courts and Constitutionalism in Contemporary Asia”. This panel seeks to explore the role of courts and how and why they do (or do not) contribute to building constitutionalism in contemporary Asia. The last few decades have seen the creation of a range ofContinue reading “Courts and Constitutionalism in Contemporary Asia”

Seminar: What is Buddhist Constitutionalism?

On 13 September, UNSW Law will host a seminar by Dr Ben Schonthal on ‘What is Buddhist Constitutionalism?’ His paper argues that there is a unique form of theocratic constitutionalism that appears in the Buddhist-majority countries of South and Southeast Asia and that scholars of constitutional law ought to pay attention to it. Taking insightsContinue reading “Seminar: What is Buddhist Constitutionalism?”

Special Issue: Buddhism and Law

A special issue on Buddhism and Law has been published with the Asian Journal of Law andSociety, Vol 3(1), 2016. It includes the following articles: Benjamin SCHONTHAL, Tom GINSBURG, Setting an Agenda for the Socio-Legal Study of Contemporary Buddhism, Asian Journal of Law and Society, 3(1) pp 1 – 15 Tomas LARSSON, Keeping Monks in Their Place? AsianContinue reading “Special Issue: Buddhism and Law”

Addressing the Problem of Statelessness in Asia-Pacific

Dr Melissa Crouch of UNSW Law is currently participating in a Workshop on Researching Statelessness and Citizenship in Asia and the Pacific from 27-29 January 2016. Organized by the United Nations High Commission of Refugees and the University of Melbourne, the conference brings together leading researchers and practitioners from around the world on the legal issues arising fromContinue reading “Addressing the Problem of Statelessness in Asia-Pacific”

Asian Constitutional Law Forum 2015

Next week NUS will host the Asian Constitutional Law Forum on 10-11 December 2015. The workshop provides a venue for distinguished scholars and new scholars to share their research and ideas on Asian constitutional law, to expand collaborative research networks, and to facilitate publications. The 2015 Forum, organised by the Centre for Asian Legal Studies will address theContinue reading “Asian Constitutional Law Forum 2015”

Muslim Minorities in East Asia

Irecently attended a conference on ‘Muslim Minorities in East Asia’, organised by Dr Yuka Kobayashi of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Dr Jikon Lai of the University of Melbourne, and Dr Samer El-Karanshawy,  Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS), Qatar Foundation. The conference was hosted by the Center for the Study of Contemporary Muslim Societies, in Qatar.A rangeContinue reading “Muslim Minorities in East Asia”