Myanmar’s Advocate for Constitutional Reform

‘Saya’ U Ko Ni: Myanmar’s Advocate for Constitutional Reform On 29 January 2017, U Ko Ni, a prominent lawyer and legal advisor to the National League for Democracy (NLD), was brutally assassinated at Yangon International Airport. He was returning from a trip to Indonesia with the Information Minister, U Pe Myint. His untimely death is anContinue reading “Myanmar’s Advocate for Constitutional Reform”

National Human Rights Commissions in Myanmar, Indonesia

The Hague Journal on the Rule of Law has recently launched a Special Edition on the Development of the Rule of Law in East Asia. I have written an article on ‘Asian Legal Transplants and Rule of Law Reform: National Human Rights Commission in Myanmar and Indonesia’, which is available for download here. The abstract is as follows: TheContinue reading “National Human Rights Commissions in Myanmar, Indonesia”

Australian Journal of Asian Law: Issue 14(1)

The latest issue (volume 14 number 1) of the Australian Journal of Asian Law is now available on-line. There are a range of contributions, including: Articles1. Genders and Genetics: The Legal and Medical Regulation of Family Forms in Contemporary Japan – Vera Mackie2. Regulating Water Concessions in China: Towards a Transparent Pricing System – Wei Yan3. Legal Regulation of DecentContinue reading “Australian Journal of Asian Law: Issue 14(1)”

Indonesian Draft Law on Inter-religious Harmony

Ihave written an article on ‘Shifting Conceptions of State Regulation of Religion: The Indonesian Draft Law on Inter-religious Harmony’ (2013) Global Change, Peace and Security 1-18. This article seeks to understand how and why states regulate the activities or affairs of religious communities. It does so through a case study of the Indonesian Draft Law on Inter-religious Harmony.Continue reading “Indonesian Draft Law on Inter-religious Harmony”

Australian Journal of Asian Law – Edition 13(2)

Edition 13(2) of the Australian Journal of Asian Law is now available free online at SSRNIt includes: Sorcery, Law and the State: Governing the Black Arts in Indonesia, by Nicholas Herriman Defamation of Religion Law in Post-Reformasi Indonesia: Is Revision Possible? by Zainal Abidin Bagir Human Trafficking as a Violation of Human Rights: Obligations and Accountability of Mongolia, by Ulzijlkham EnkhbaatarContinue reading “Australian Journal of Asian Law – Edition 13(2)”