AMR LSA Book Panel: The Constitution of Myanmar

Author Meets Reader Session: The Constitution of Myanmar: Local and Comparative Challenges for Constitutionalism This session will discuss the book, The Constitution of Myanmar: A Contextual Analysis, and consider the implications of this work for comparative law and society research in the field of constitutional law and politics. The book identifies how people in MyanmarContinue reading “AMR LSA Book Panel: The Constitution of Myanmar”

Time to Reverse the Indonesian Language Disaster on our Shores

*This article first appeared in The Interpreter on 15 May 2019. Opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Penny Wong’s efforts to set out a vision for Australia’s foreign policy on Asia, embodied in Labor’s “FutureAsia” plans, are admirable. The specific focus of fostering knowledge of and engagement with Southeast Asia is welcome. A key part of enhancing Southeast AsiaContinue reading “Time to Reverse the Indonesian Language Disaster on our Shores”

ASAA feedback from members sought on FOR codes

If you are a member of the Asian Studies Association of Australia, we are seeking your feedback on the review that is currently underway into the Australian New Zealand Standard Research Classification system. This is the system which organises the Field of Research (FOR) codes by which our research is classified for government and reporting purposes.Continue reading “ASAA feedback from members sought on FOR codes”

Australia Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA): Career Champion

*This interview first appeared on the Australia Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA) website on 10 May 2019 Welcome to the Career Champion Series! This series is dedicated to the contributions of those who provide inspiration and enhance understanding between Australians and Indonesians. Celebrating the work and dedication they have put in, we featured their profile at AIYA Blog. This week weContinue reading “Australia Indonesia Youth Association (AIYA): Career Champion”

Hope, Despair and the New Normal in Myanmar

*This article first appeared in The Interpreter on 9 May 2019.  Human rights advocates had a rare chance to celebrate yesterday as two local Reuters journalists were released from prison. Their situation is viewed by the international community as a test case of the political reform process in Myanmar. The case is a remind of the mixedContinue reading “Hope, Despair and the New Normal in Myanmar”

Teaching as a Subversive Activity

On 27-28 November, UNSW Law will be hosting a conference on legal education. The theme of the 2019 conference is: ‘Teaching as a Subversive Activity’. We will be looking for panels, papers, posters and performances on legal education research related to the theme, which we have drawn from Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner’s classic TeachingContinue reading “Teaching as a Subversive Activity”

Law & Society Association book panel

At the upcoming Law & Society Association Conference, there will be a book session on “The Constitution of Myanmar: A Contextual Analysis”. The panel includes: Chair, Dr Nick Cheesman, ANU Prof Tom Ginsburg, Chicago – Myanmar in the Context of Comparative Constitutional Law scholarship Maryam Khan, Wisconsin – Myanmar in the Context of Scholarship onContinue reading “Law & Society Association book panel”

Protecting Rights, Addressing Inequality: The Promise of Writs as Constitutional Transfer

Conference call for papers The courts are often a key site of the struggle for the enforcement of rights and accountability. The rise of constitutional adjudication globally is usually framed within the context of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the creation of independent constitutional courts in many parts of the world over theContinue reading “Protecting Rights, Addressing Inequality: The Promise of Writs as Constitutional Transfer”

Don’t rely on luck: making the most of the FTA with Indonesia

This article was first published at The Interpreter, 18 April 2019. The Australia Indonesia free trade agreement presents an opportunity to strengthen relations between the two countries, but is Australia ready? Talks about a free trade agreement with Indonesia have been long standing, and the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement was finally signed in March. This will openContinue reading “Don’t rely on luck: making the most of the FTA with Indonesia”

Why ASEAN Matters

On 4 April 2019, UNSW’s ASEAN Society student group is hosting its inaugural forum on “Why ASEAN Matters” at Kensington Campus, from 7:30pm. The UNSW ASEAN Society aims to create a platform for like-minded students from different South East Asian countries to come together and explore their shared culture, tradition and ideologies. Details on theContinue reading “Why ASEAN Matters”